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JURASSIC WORLD tops predictions & revives 3D globally

Execs in shock at DISNEY CEO firing Head of TV biz - the why & why now

Matt & Ben re-teaming for new company, likely with former WB head

HBO kills first JJ Abrams series in 14 years over budget concerns

Neve Campbell passes on lowball SCREAM 6 offer from PARAMOUNT

TOP GUN has greatest Week 2 hold for a $100 Mil blockbuster... ever

VICE cutting costs, slows hiring in Sale prep for at least part of the business

Inside the Leadership shakeup at WARNER BROS Pictures

Leads for HUNGER GAMES prequel set at LIONSGATE

TOP GUN gets MARVEL-ish Box Office record, DOWNTON done at box office

Jodie Foster to lead TRUE DETECTIVE 4 on HBO, set in Alaska

AMC gets Clive Owen series from QUEENS GAMBIT creator & Tom Fontana

A24, NEON enter CANNES movie buy fray

SNAP revises Q2 Revenue picture in ominous sign, stock dives

NETFLIX makes $50 Mil Cannes buy, DOWNTON 2 opens to half of the first pic

WB plans to bring back OCEANS 11 with Margot Robbie

MGM gets new Channing Tatum pic based on his family book

NETFLIX lays off 150 in cost reduction move, mostly in US

AMAZON moves Ron Howard MGM Thailand cave pic to (mostly) streaming

DOCTOR STRANGE's week 2 box office stumble, FIRESTARTER a non-starter

ENDEAVOR / WME's big Q1 results shows up the haters, stock +12%

DISNEY+ growth still mostly in INDIA, HULU growth hits low

NETFLIX now aiming to launch Ad-tier in Q4 this year

AMC THEATERS revenue 5X’s but still loses $337 Million in Q1, as CEO asks trolls to ease off

DOCTOR STRANGE gets 2nd best opening since July 2019

WB gets 2nd Jason Momoa movie in 3 weeks

NETFLIX changing exec pay structure, also facing Shareholder lawsuit

ROKU bidding for stake in STARZ from LIONSGATE

PAR+ adds 6.8 Million subscribers, SHOWTIME & other streamers post loss

THE BAD GUYS prospers, Liam Neeson officially DOA at box office

ROKU growth rate drops by about 60% as pandemic boost fades

PEACOCK adds 4 Million subscribers, loses half a Billion $$ in Q1 2022

SPOTIFY's Q1 2022 results show users do not have a Joe Rogan problem. But looks like SPOT may have a Q2 problem.

YOUTUBE Q1 2022 Revenue falls well behind NETFLIX after Q4 surge

FAST & FURIOUS 10 director leaves after 1st week of shooting

HBO retooling THE WEEKND drama series from EUPHORIA creator mid-shoot

DUMBLEDORE plummets as BAD GUYS overperforms at box office

SNAPCHAT user growth rate declining, still losing hundreds of millions

HBOMAX 2022 growth still heavily skewed to the US

HBOMAX 2022 growth is mostly in the US, as profitability falls

NETFLIX's 27% overnight stock drop explained, and why an Ad-supported version is on the way

NETFLIX's 27% stock drop explained as Ad-supported version on the way

WB sets Jason Momoa to lead another IP based movie franchise

More FANTASTIC BEASTS pics now questionable, FATHER STU Easter gamble fails at box office

SONY sells Kevin Hart action comedy pic to NETFLIX

Elon Musk puts in offer to buy TWITTER

CNN+ stumbling out of the gate, faces 9-figure $$ spending cuts

WILL FERRELL joins Barbie pic at WB

AMBULANCE stumbles in 4th, SONIC 2 blows away Box Office predictions

APPLE TV+ buys Tom Hiddleston series, set in Antarctica

DISCOVERY axes most C-suite WARNER MEDIA execs

WARNER MEDIA top management cleared out as DISCOVERY deal closes

APPLE TV+ gets new JASON MOMOA series, signs HARRISON FORD for another one

MORBIUS just hits projections, gets low C+ audience rating

APPLE TV+ gets $100 Million Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson pic

FACEBOOK pays Consulting firm to trash TIKTOK in the press

WB sets SHARON STONE as villain in new DC pic

OSCARS get 2nd smallest audience ever, but up big from 2021

THE LOST CITY overperforms as PARAMOUNT has 3rd box office hit in 3 months


INSTA chronological feed returns; YOUTUBE’s moves to take on PLUTO, ROKU CHANNEL

MGM gets Timothee Chalamet pic from CALL ME BY YOUR NAME director

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Michael B. Jordan team up for AMAZON pic

Anime pic shocks Box Office; CODA’s big Award wins weekend

DISNEY+ heavily discounts price for HULU subs to drive US growth

NETFLIX tests fee for additional accounts as Password Sharing crackdown looms

DISNEY employee group sets a walk-out day next week

WARNER DISCO's new CEO gets $246 Million pay package in 2021

THE BATMAN shows impressive hold at the Box Office

CARDI B dumps PARAMOUNT pic a week before shooting

HBOMAX orders THE PENGUIN series with Colin Farrell

APPLE TV enters Sports streaming biz with MLB

WALKING DEAD gets NYC based spinoff at AMC

THE BATMAN overperforms, but at under 50% of SPIDER-MAN opening


CNN+ reveals price and launch details

THE BATMAN tix will cost more at largest US theater chain

Michael Douglas, HBO team reunite at APPLE TV for BEN FRANKLIN miniseries

UNCHARTED dominates box office, STUDIO 666 is DOA

TARANTINO in talks to direct some of FX's JUSTIFIED limited series

DISCOVERY+ growth rate slows; Tom Brady gets into movie biz

Bill Murray to co-star in Aziz Ansari's directorial debut at SEARCHLIGHT

Tatum's DOG hits for MGM, UNCHARTED gets huge under-35 turnout

ROKU hits 60 Million users, stock -26% as revenue growth slows

WB sets JOHN CENA to lead Wile E Coyote pic

PAR+ subs up 28% in Q4, but makes 5% of NETFLIX's revenue total

WB sets LOTR anime pic; OSCARS book TWITTER partnership & hosts

MARRY ME falters as DEATH ON NILE wins weekend box office

SONY buys next Tom Hanks pic for $60 Million

DISNEY+ losses grow in Q4, now at 59% of NETFLIX subscriber total

HBO lands FACEBOOK project with Claire Foy as Sheryl Sandberg

APPLE TV+ signs Kristen Wiig to lead comedy series

MOONFALL stumbles, JACKASS keeps 2000s nostalgia atop the 2022 Box Office

SNAP stock pops 60%, AMAZON PRIME raises prices

FACEBOOK user growth stops, stock drops 22%

YOUTUBE surpasses NETFLIX revenue in Q4 2021

FROZEN team sets Musical Rom-com series at HULU

SPIDEY closes in on AVATAR, but snow quiets slow Box Office overall

Awards Season SUPER THURSDAY dials in OSCAR nominations picture

PEACOCK has 9 Million paying subscribers & 16 mil total, will 2X content spend in 2022

HBOMAX tops NETFLIX Q4 US growth; NETFLIX still 2X's HBOMAX US revenue

NETFLIX gets high-profile Exorcism movie from Lee Daniels

SCREAM drops 60%, SPIDER-MAN now 6th biggest movie of all-time

NETFLIX stock drops 19% on subscriber news, Net Profit takes a hit

NETFLIX 2022 subscriber & business outlook

WB setting ROBERT PATTINSON for BONG JOON HO's next pic

YOUTUBE ends Originals Programming, leader departing

SCREAM tops SPIDEY, thanks to 18-34 year olds

MGM & AMAZON PRIME team up to buy Gyllenhaal war pic

PETE DAVIDSON to star in MIRAMAX Horror pic from PURGE director

APPLE TV buys Zach Galafinakis-led BEANIE BABIES movie project

HULU buys next series from MODERN FAMILY creator

THE 355 stumbles, SPIDER-MAN will top AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR this week

SNL returning as more shows shut down

HBO sets Imperioli for WHITE LOTUS, TheCW up for sale

HBOMAX doubles subscriber gains from Q3 to Q4... sorta

Brad Pitt setting 2nd movie at APPLE TV+

MATRIX 4 is game-over at Box Office as SPIDEY & SING 2 dominate end of Dec

As US Streaming growth comes to a crawl, INDIA is the next battleground in 2022 for NETFLIX, DISNEY and AMAZON