NETFLIX buys Lin-Manuel SONY animated movie

NHL leaving NBC / DiCaprio remaking OSCAR winning movie / MASTER OF NONE changes focus

Mornin! I’m Sean McNulty and here’s the Hollywood + Media news to know on TUESDAY April 27, 2021.

Where let’s start the day at AWKWAFINA’s new digs in Bel Air - complete with putting green (but much better to have your morning coffee by the pool no?).

And as you probably saw - The OSCARS ratings took a 60% hit, in line with the GLOBES and GRAMMYS this year. Audience was about 10 Million, last year was about 23 Million. “Top Gun: Maverick” now the odds-on favorite for BEST PICTURE votes in 2022 for anyone associated with ABC.

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DiCaprio producing remake of BEST INT’L FILM OSCAR winner“Another Round”

TBD if Leo will star, ENDEAVOR CONTENT co-financing.

Tells the story of a teacher and his friends who decide the natural human state is to always have a little booze in your system. And then everything works out fine. /THR

NETFLIX picks up Lin-Manuel Miranda animated movie “Vivo” from SONY

Follows a musical rainforest “honey bear” and his owner in Havana. SONY keeping China rights, no premiere date given. /Deadline



GOT “House of the Dragon” prequel series will hit HBO in 2022

That’s… really all the TV biz news there is today. Super easy.

Oh - well PEACOCK added those extended “Superfan” Episodes of “The Office” (link here) with bloopers, deleted scenes, and interviews. Fans will of the show will also note that yesterday was the highpoint of Stanley’s year, “Pretzel Day”.


NBC saying goodbye to the NHL

NBCU was in negotiations for the 2nd TV package available starting next season for around $225 Million a year; But they’re now dropping out - rights likely going to WARNER MEDIA starting this Fall.

ESPN signed a $400 Million a year contract for a big NHL package of games last month. This $225 Million package for a smaller subset of games is 2-3X above the rate NBC is currently paying. WM/TURNER gets 3 STANLEY CUPS, ESPN/ABC gets 4. They split playoff games, and WM/TURNER gets the “Winter Classic”.

TBD if streaming rights will be included but one has to assume this is a big reason for WM’s interest. But certainly provides further rationale for NBCU’s decision to shut down NBCSN by end of this year.

Sports wise, NBC/PEACOCK is left with PREMIERE LEAGUE soccer, WWE Wrestling, NFL SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, a PGA USGA rights deal and of course Triple Crown Horse Racing. /Sports Business Journal & THR

ROKU takes negotiations spat with GOOGLE public

ROKU claims they may have to drop YOUTUBE TV because of GOOGLE’s “monopoly” behavior, as they look to siphon user data from ROKU and to favor YOUTUBE in search functions on their platform in their negotiations for a new deal.

GOOGLE’s response was part “We’re very disappointed in you saying these things” and part “Come on bro…” (not direct quotes). But I’m always a fan of an “appeal to the people” plea - from the AXIOS coverage, it sounds like the current agreement could be up as soon as the end of this week so more to come soon. /additional coverage in Deadline

APPLE TV looks to expand to 3000 staff in Culver City in 5 years

Part of huge $430 Billion overall US office and staff expansion plans over the next 5 years, including a new $1 Billion campus in Raleigh, NC. And free parking! /Variety



SPOTIFY +5% likely due to the revenue/price increase thing

AMC THEATERS +13%, CINEWORLD + 4.5% - thanks “Mortal Kombat” / “Mugen Train” box office duel


NETFLIX - “Master of None” Season 3 teaser. Surprise! Season 3 focuses on Lena Waithe’s character “Denise” (although Dev does seem to at least make an appearance). Season written by Aziz and Lena. Premieres on a Sunday… May 23. (same day as Season four of “The Chi” on SHOWTIME)

STARZ “Power Book III: Raising Kanan” teaser. Going with BLACK SHEEP for the song choice always solid. Premieres Sun July 18

NETFLIX “Special” Final Season trailer. Premieres Thu May 20


Hollywood goes 0 for 2 this week. But Wall Street has some action: GOOGLE, MICROSOFT and PINTEREST kick off a big week of earnings reports after the bell later this afternoon.

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CELESTE “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” - BLOOMBERG’s Lucas Shaw gave this album a shot out in his weekly Sunday “Screentime” email and it pretty much domianated my listening all day yesterday. (NOTE: Celeste had the “Hear My Voice” song from “Trial of the Chicago 7”).

Some great modern yet 70’s-ish Soul. Amazing depth.

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