DISNEY settles Scarlett Johansson lawsuit for reported $40+ Million total

REGE-JEAN PAGE doing NETFLIX heist film / SUPER BOWL sets LA Rap Halftime show / New TV & Movies this weekend

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Where lets have our poolside Friday morning coffee Big Willie Style. Ok fine - Grande Willy Style #StarbucksRules. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith just bought this house in Hidden Hills for $11.3 Million, making it their 8th house. Totally ruining their “house for every day of the week” lifestyle approach so far 🙄.

AND: October’s here 👋🍁 .


DISNEY & Scarlett Johansson settle lawsuit

2 days after the CAA / ICM deal. Hmm 🤔. No terms disclosed but DEADLINE puts her resulting overall “Black Widow” check at $40+ Million which I’m thinking includes the initial $20 Million payday DISNEY “casually mentioned” in their first attacking statement against Scarlett.

Also of note - the tone from DISNEY’s corporate PR department toward Scarlett and the matter overall certainly has… taken a turn:

“We appreciate her contributions to the MARVEL Cinematic Universe and look forward to working together on a number of upcoming projects, including Disney’s “Tower of Terror.” /THR

Well that was definitely worth the months-long PR headache.

NETFLIX sets Regé-Jean Page to star in heist film from “Fargo” series creator

Noah Hawley writing & directing, the Russo Bros (“Avengers” movies) producing. Zero plot details or timeline available. /Deadline




NETFLIX’s Adrian Grenier social media thriller “Clickbait” tops NIELSEN streaming chart for first week of September

I don’t usually pay much mind to this chart as it tracks “total minutes viewed”, and well, it’s NIELSEN... but regardless of how accurate it might be - for a show that had very little promotion, this is impressive.

  • Esp compared to say the buzz and love that the Korean show “Squid Game” is getting in the media this week (also here on GQ) - “Clickbait” has gotten… basically 0% of that since its late August launch. /THR

  • Also interesting on these NIELSEN charts - the great majority of the most popular content by far on streaming services (again, in terms of total minutes streamed 🤷‍♂️) is still licensed shows from TV Networks.

FREEFORM orders Phoebe Robinson series “Everything’s Trash”

Based on her book. She’ll play a 30-something podcast star who has to learn how to “adult” when her brother becomes a political candidate. Phoebe’s IRL bro is a State Senator in OHIO. /THR



NFL sets LA hip-hop heavy SUPERBOWL halftime show

DR. DRE, SNOOP, KENDRICK plus EMINEM, and MARY J BLIGE will put on the halftime show at LA’s Sofi Stadium on February 13 (a bit later this year given the expansion to a 17 game season).

NBC has “the big game” this year, and is definitely gonna have to pay their ‘bleep’ guy a little extra. /THR



Another slightly down day on Wall Street, Media stocks included. Except if you’re AMC THEATERS. Naturally. That was up 7%.

ALTICE also bounced back a bit from their broadband-losses drubbing this month, up 6%.


(new Stuff to Watch this weekend, Friday - Saturday - Sunday)



SONY “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” - Only in theaters

WB/HBOMAX “The Many Saints of Newark” - Go see it in theaters with your Bing crew, or you can go against David Chase’s wishes at your own risk and Stream it here at Home

MGM “The Addams Family 2” - In theaters or you can also stream it at home on PVOD for $20



NETFLIX“The Guilty” - Jake Gyllenhaal as a 911 operator having a hell of a night. Directed by Antoine Fuqua. Click Here to Watch or Add to Your List

AMAZON PRIME “Hotel Transylvannia : Transformania” (pt 4) - I’d give you a link but I tried finding it via Google search for 90 seconds and gave up.


NETFLIX “Maid” - Limited series based on the best-selling memoir starring Margaret Qually as a young mom escaping an abusive relationship, trying to make a life for her daughter as a maid. Click here to Watch or Add to your List

NETFLIX “Seinfeld” - Click here to Add to your List It’s also no longer airing on TBS - will begin airing exclusively-on-cable on COMEDY CENTRAL starting Oct 9 (and continues airing in usual local TV station syndication).

DISNEY+ “Fauci” documentary. (see AMAZON / Hotel Transylvannia problem re: a link). Come on people.

AMAZON PRIME “My Name is Pauli Murray” docu. Click here to Watch or Add to your List


BBC AMERICA “The Graham Norton Show” - New Season returns at 11p

CBS Friday Night Lineup returns with new episodes.


NBC SNL Season Premiere - With Owen Wilson and Kacey Musgraves.  And I’m guessing more than one Che joke about the name Cosmo Jost.  1130p as always, but now also live-streaming on PEACOCK


BASEBALL Season is over.

New “60 Minutes” at 7p on CBS including a sitdown with the FACEBOOK whistleblower who was seemingly behind many of the big WSJ FB pieces in September.


Aaron Sorkin in VANITY FAIR on the return of “To Kill a Mockingbird” to BROADWAY and… yeah Scott Rudin, a former producer on the show:

“Listen, I think Scott got what he deserves. He’s lying flat on the mat right now, and I don’t know how it’s helpful for me to stand on his torso and kind of jump up and down.”

New PARAMOUNT CEO Brian Robbins gives his first sitdown/profile to the WSJ.

WARNER MEDIA Studio head Ann Sarnoff sits down with VANITY FAIR.

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MGM “Rocky IV: Rocky vs Drago” trailer. The directors cut with 40 more minutes of footage, and at least 2 more lines from Drago. Hits FATHOM theaters on Thu Nov 11. You can buy tickets those screenings here.

Hits Digital & VOD rentals the next day Fri Nov 12. Tho gotta say this trailer woulda been 10X better with music from the “IV” soundtrack 😏 #RobertTepperRules

IMDBTV “Justice Judy” series trailer. Judge Judy comes to streaming: Same attitude, Different robe. Premieres Mon Nov 1.


BRANDI CARLILE “You and Me on The Rock” - From her new album “In These Silent Days” that dropped today.

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