AT&T has been OANN's main income source for years apparently

NETFLIX orders Edgar Allen Poe horror series / PEOPLE publisher MEREDITH sold to IAC / NBCU gives RON MEYER $20 Million

Mornin! This is Sean McNulty and here’s the Hollywood + Media news to know on THURSDAY October 7, 2021.

Where this story is a little early stage for me to typically include… but it gave me a major happy #throwback yesterday - ENDEAVOR CONTENT has acquired the rights to make TV properties around the “Mr Men” and “Little Miss” book series. Pretty sure there’s a huge stack of these somewhere in my mom’s basement from my formative years. Probably next to my Has-to-be increasing-in-value stacks of PREMIERE Magazines.

AND: Since this really doesn’t have a thematic home elsewhere in the newsletter today - Jane Lynch is joining Beanie Feldstein in “Funny Girl” BROADWAY revival slated for April 2022. Jane playing Beanie’s mom, “Mrs. Rosie Brice”. TONY winner Michael Mayer (“Spring Awakening”) is directing.

ALSO: It was a very busy day in the media business, so break out your glasses if that’s your interest.


AMAZON PRIME completes purchase of “Hotel Transylvannia: Transformania” from SONY, sets January streaming release

AMAZON’s deal to acquire the pic from SONY for about $100 Million was first hinted at back in August - and my sincere apologies for listing this as an early October release here in a newsletter last week… that was the old SONY theatrical release date that I neglected to remove on my chart 😩. /Variety




NETFLIX orders new Edgar Allen Poe-based limited series from “Midnight Mass” creator Mike Flanagan

This one’s called “The Fall of the House of Usher” and will be based on multiple Poe works, not just that story. Mike also did “The Haunting of Hill House” and “The Haunting of Bly Manor” at NETFLIX.

8 episode order, no timeline given but… thinking October 2022 is a good bet. /Variety

FALL TV Season ratings from Tuesday

NBC’s “La Brea” fell 20% from its series premiere to 5 Million viewers. It’s “Voice” lead-in was about the same as last week with 7.2 Million viewers.

But ESPN won the night with the YANKEES vs RED SOX MLB Wildcard game, getting 7.7 Million viewers total. /THR



Heads up: Busy day!

AT&T has apparently been the main financial support for the right-wing OANN cable “news” network

Essentially around 2013, AT&T was actively looking to add another conservative news network to their U-VERSE cable offerings in addition to just FOX NEWS.

OANN’s founder got wind of this and created the network, which was basically funded by carriage fees from an agreement with AT&T (guessing that’s U-VERSE), and very soon after that, also with the much-larger DIRECTV when AT&T bought it in 2015.

According to sworn testimony from an OANN accountant in 2020: Carriage fees paid by AT&T’s cable & satellite entities have grown to make up 90% of OANN revenues.

AT&T clarified that it doesn’t “fund” OANN’s operations or have a stake in the company - it just has a business agreement with them, which is true. But when OANN’s accountant says OANN would be “worth zero” without AT&T, that’s a real fine line ya’ll.

It is worth noting: AT&T made their most recent OANN deal at a time when they were trying to get the TIME WARNER merger cleared during the Trump government era, and after OANN sued them for reneging on a carriage renewal.

But also worth noting… without AT&T’s money, it really sounds like OANN would cease to exist, so take that as you will. If you have 3 mins… click that link, it’s a #GoodRead with even more details.

OANN of course is currently being sued for $1.6 Billion by Dominion Voting Systems… and recently aired the 2+ hour MY PILLOW guy “documentary” on ‘the steal’. /Reuters

MEREDITH magazine publisher (PEOPLE, FOOD & WINE, EW etc) sold to Barry Diller’s IAC for $2.7 Billion

Well - specifically to IAC’s digital publisher group DOTDASH (formerly for any fellow internet olds… or if you wanna really show your age 👴).

DOTDASH’s CEO Neil Vogel will now lead the company, which will be called DOTDASH MEREDITH. DOTDASH runs digital brands like TheSpruce, Brides, and VeryWell.

The all-cash deal should close around Dec 1. MEREDITH stock was up 6% in after hours trading, after popping 27% in one day when IAC’s interest was first reported around Sept 24. /Variety

  • One of those disclosure things - I do some work with MEREDITH although uh… sounds like maybe not so much after December 1st 😳. So hey Just in case anyone is interested in the services of a business / content strategy consultant with… diverse (?) music tastes 🙋‍♂️.

SNAP institutes new 💰 program to reward SPOTLIGHT video creators

(SPOTLIGHT = their TIKTOK ripoff). The SPOTLIGHT CHALLENGES program will reward the top “3 to 5 videos” made against various themes (#hashtags)… or basically how a lot of TIK TOK already works.

Prizes will range from “$1,000 to $25,000” per challenge… so not exactly the “SNAP giving away $25k prizes” headlines that were prevalent on this yesterday - bit of a “range of payments” here…

This comes not long after SNAP significantly scaled back a program giving away a pool of $1 Million a day to creators of top performing videos, saying it “resulted in too many copycat videos”. Pick a lane SNAP. /THR

AMAZON’s “stream yourself playing video games” platform TWITCH suffers Major hack

All hacked data was posted online for Free download on 4Chan including:

  • The service’s Source Code, and the history of changes to it

  • TWITCH’s 💵 payouts to their top stars/creators as of 2019

  • AMAZON’s plans to launch a product against a rival company in the space

While TWITCH is a division of AMAZON, they’ve kept their own (apparently weaker) Information Security practices. #goodcall

The thus-far anonymous hacker says they posted it to foster competition in the space, citing the “toxic cesspool” environment that exists on TWITCH.

AND: This data leak was labeled “Part 1” so… yeah. 🤯 /Platformer


ROKU made up for its losses yesterday, up over 5%

ENDEAVOR -5% ish, after dropping 6% yesterday.

REGAL Theaters parent co. CINEWORLD -6% ish


HBOMAX “15 Minutes of Shame” - Docu from Monica Lewinsky about social shaming, doxxing and cancel culture. Click Here to Watch or Add to Your List

NETFLIX “Sexy Beasts” - Season 2 of the cosplay-inspired (?) dating show. Click Here to Watch or Add to Your List

PEACOCK “One of Us is Lying” - Series adaptation of the popular YA novel. Click Here to Watch or Add to Your List

CBS’s Thursday Night Comedy Lineup returns + “Bull”.

NY COMIC CON begins thru Sunday at the Javitz center. Special heads up for any fellow riders on the 7 train this weekend 👩‍🎤

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MGM “Cyrano” trailer. Musical of the classic tale starring Peter Dinklage, and directed by Joe Wright (“Atonement”, “Pride & Prejudice”). Limited theatrical release starting Fri Dec 31.

NETFLIX “Locke & Key” Season 2 trailer. Premieres Fri Oct 22

🤦‍♂️ D’OH

The HBO “Candy Montgomery Ax Murders her friend” limited series “Love and Death” stars Elizabeth Olsen as Candy. (I wrote Elizabeth Moss one too many times yesterday).

Also the MNF game 🏈 this week was VEGAS vs LA not SAN DIEGO… but really gonna count that as half a 🤦‍♂️ - I mean the CHARGERS will always be SAN DIEGO’s team.


Ok dipping into another side of Sean’s FALL Music throwback tastes… (see I told ya - diverse!) with this classic deep cut “Sunshine” from ALICE IN CHAINS landmark first album FACELIFT, which came out in Fall of… yikes, 1990 💾.

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