APPLE gets CLOONEY + PITT dueling fixers movie

GLADIATOR sequel in motion at PAR / YOUTUBE TV rejected PEACOCK bundle / THE WEEKND's HBO show gets Female lead

Mornin! This is Sean McNulty and here’s the Hollywood + Media news to know on THURSDAY September 30, 2021.

Where it’s a great day for freedom! BRITNEY is free of her father running her conservatorship, with the next hearing in about 6 weeks to settle the rest. And BLINK 182’s Mark Hoppus announced he’s now cancer-free, after being diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma back in July 🙌 .


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“Gladiator” sequel being written at PARAMOUNT

Peter Craig who wrote the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” and “The Batman” is writing, will center on “Lucius”, the son of “Commodus” (Joaquin’s character) as an adult.

Ridley Scott hopes to direct it perhaps next year - plans on doing it once he finishes his upcoming Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon movie “Kitbag”. And of course after the 83 year-old’s other 2 already-shot movies come out this Fall (“The Last Duel” and “House of Gucci”). /THR

APPLE STUDIOS lands the Clooney / Pitt dueling-fixers movie project

Note that’s APPLE STUDIOS not TV+… the film will get a “robust” theatrical run before eventually coming to APPLE TV+.

The script about 2 fixers who get assigned to the same case is still being written by Jon Watts (the last 3 “Spider-Man” movies). Jon also will direct. No price indicated but whatever it is… CAA is getting 10% of it. /Deadline

WB’s “Wonka” movie adds Olivia Colman, Rowan Atkinson and Sally Hawkins

Timothee Chalamet already set as Bill Wonka (as he’s known at the pub down the street from the factory), but no word on whom these new cast additions will play. /THR



HBO sets Lily-Rose Depp to co-star with The Weeknd in “The Idol” series

“Euphoria” creator Sam Levinson is co-creating it with Abel- err The Weeknd… but to note it’s still technically in development. However considering the talent here, a pass on the project would be a bit of a shock.

Weeknd playing an LA club owner who is also the… leader of a secret cult - Lily would play a pop star who begins a romance with him. I mean the whole “Oh I also run a cult” conversation is really more of a Date 4 kinda thing right? 🤔 Tough to tell dating mores these days… #KidsToday. /Deadline

NBC’s “La Brea” is 2nd most watched new Fall premiere so far

6.4 Million tuned into the premiere on Tuesday, holding a good deal of “The Voice” lead-in audience (7.4 Million).

60% bigger than the premiere audience of “Ordinary Joe” which also had a “Voice” lead in last week (granted that was in the 10p timeslot).

It’s also the best non-spinoff show debut so far this year - “CSI: Hawai’i” holds the biggest premiere episode so far. /THR

OWN orders a Season 3 of CBS’s “All Rise” courtroom drama

20 episode order, that will also stream on both HBOMAX and HULU the day after it airs on OWN, which should officially be a sister-network to HBOMAX by the time the season airs later in 2022 #WARNERDISCO.

Seasons 1 & 2 of the WB TV-produced show will hit both HBOMAX & HULU on Dec 1. /THR



NBCU was trying to bundle PEACOCK into YOUTUBE TV subscriptions as part of the new carriage deal

Essentially NBCU wanted GOOGLE to pay them $$ to give PEACOCK PREMIUM free to their 4 million-ish YOUTUBE TV subscribers, as part of renewing the rights to include NBC & NBCU Cable channels in the overall YOUTUBE TV streaming package.

NBCU has dropped this PEACOCK condition from the negotiations, but is still threatening to pull their 14 networks from YOUTUBE TV if they can’t strike a new agreement soon. /ArsTechnica

YOUTUBE institutes no misleading vaxx material policy

Will remove any content (it can find) that spreads false info about any proven vaccine, for Covid or otherwise, or what’s in them.

So have fun on PARLER Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 130,000 videos have been removed thus far. /NY Times

The latest over at OZY MEDIA

OZY journalist Katty Kay (formerly of the BBC) resigned

And one of their earliest investors SV Angel has simply returned all of their shares in the company. For no compensation… just like - “Here, take em back. They’re all yours.” /Axios



Another generally down day somewhat as September is rounding out as a down month on the whole, but no big drops to note.


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HBOMAX “Love Life” Season 2 trailer. This season stars William Jackson Harper (although Anna Kendrick seems to make some cameo appearances). Looks like a fresh new take on the series concept and tone, nice spot! First 3 episodes Premiere Thu Oct 28

HBO “Insecure” Final Season trailer. Premieres Sun Oct 24

HULU “The Next Thing You Eat” series trailer. David Chang takes his act from NETFLIX on over to HULU, for this docuseries from VOX MEDIA looking at the intersection and future of Tech and Food. Premieres Thu Oct 21 with all 6 episodes

NETFLIX “Bad Sport” trailer. 6 part anthology docuseries about sports scandals from around the world, from the producers of “Don’t F*ck with Cats”. Premieres Wed Oct 6


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